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Schoolwork WIPs

I wanted to draw this little witchling I was doodling in class today but it’s 2AM so it came out kinda funky

squirrels of google

maplevogel/owlyjules's recent art has made me want fall/winter/christmas even though it's like a million degrees here(do you know how long it's been summer for me!? Since MARCH! Every time it starts to get cool I go to a different climate zone)

and also I have a cold so I decided to make Gil suffer with me

i don’t know how to draw kissing like once I get peoples’ heads too close together it’s like ‘????’

this blog hit 500 followers and i know the majority of you are here for the 1 prucan pic i post every 5 months glob bless

hi i really liked your mouse that thinks its people. i dont know why it just made me really happy for some reason so keep doing what you're doing and know you made a very nervous girl smile today <3

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Aww! Know that your message did the same for me! (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡ Thank you so very much!

I’ve been having trouble drawing so here’s a mouse that thinks it’s people.

First of all, "Wow, feelings sure are a thing" and "Nope outta there" are now my favourite descriptions ever, and secondly, please tell me that you are sitting down to write this. It could be so beautiful. I love it. Perfect.

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Haha, I’m really happy you like it!
Unfortunately this is probably as refined as I’ll ever be able to make it. I’m really not very good at writing proper fanfiction.
But if any one wants to take the idea and run with it’s fine by me. I just wanted to get my idea for it out.

So I wrote out everything I had in mind for that Prucan Reincarnation AU I posted a while back (the original post being here)

It’s just a really rough summary and changes tenses constantly and is really just silly melodrama.

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