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I got watercolor pencils but I have no idea water to draw

Everyone’s favorite purple dinosaur



this is just unreal



when i was a young warthoghighschool student I had a story idea that’s probably a pretty common one for people to play with where this girl named Mary Sue (ikr?) was transported into random books and had to fix things with the help of some talking book that would fill with whatever story she was in. I even half-drew the first two pages and actually they aren’t terrible. The only story I can remember (which these pages belong to) is where she’s in Lord of the Flies and Simon becomes her sidekick. I still think face-plan-with-butt-in-the-air is the funniest way for a character to land though.


highschool was weird

I was very concerned for this Opalchild when I realized they were going to throw Bolin at her and I was so dreading all the secondhand embarrassment but then she set him straight and broke the evil curse he’s been under since season 2 and I fell in love


I hope she sticks around and becomes a total badass airbender because I got a little hint of Toph’s thirst for adventure from her.

1 to 30~! :D

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That’s cheating s(・`ヘ´・;)ゞ

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grumpy lil nub child